About us

Welcome to Perfecting Life Church. In 2013, Pastor Brian Johnson moved from Albany, New York to assist in a family medical situation. He was directed by Holy Spirit to establish Perfecting Life Church. In 2018, Perfecting Life moved to their new location at 2215 US Hwy 52 was a small, upstart church with a big dream of becoming a church that welcomes thinking people who were not actively involved in a church.

The life of our church is guided by three statements:

  • Our Purpose is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians.
  • Our Vision is to be used by God to change lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world.
  • Our Journey is to know, love and serve God.

Our Purpose

“To effectively build a body of believers connected closely to God and to one another who reach their community with the good news of Jesus Christ.”


We filter every idea, program, and budget request through our purpose statement. If what we plan doesn’t help us meet our purpose, then we don’t do it. Our statement of purpose is based on two teachings of Jesus:

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